Mobile terminals are more and more used for their computing power giving the opportunity to satisfy, with a proper software, users needs in various domains.


   picture required

        In order to unlock the midlet (the Java application for mobile phone) for unlimited runs an activation code is required. Each activation code is unique, one will work for one installation on one mobile. On the first screen of trial versions a serial number is provided. Please use it in input fields to the right in order to get the proper activation code.
        Activation code will be e-mailed to you so a valid e-mail address is required. If you don't have one you can use a public mail provider like Yahoo!. The activation code will be used in first screen of trial version to activate it and provide unlimited runs.
        To get an activation code please send us a nice picture with the surroundings of the place you live in at Or a picture from a holiday. No person should be in that picture, we want a picture of the place and not the people. By sending us the picture you allow us to use it on our web site.
        Please note that if after activation if you delete the midlet or lost it for any reason from the phone memory you have to get a new activation code.
       If you own a web site maybe you would like to take a look at our link exchange program.
       Thank you for choosing a DataCast product.