Mobile terminals are more and more used for their computing power giving the opportunity to satisfy, with a proper software, users needs in various domains.


frequently asked questions

      Q: Does Mobile Metro Guide run on my phone?
       All our products are designed to run on ALL Java enabled phones. However in order to be able to use it the phone must have a color display bigger than 128x128.
       Because of the large variety of phones on the market today we are unable to test the application against all mobile platforms. If for any reasons you receive an error message running Mobile Metro Guide please drop us a note at

      Q: How can I install Mobile Metro Guide on my phone?
       You can download the file (the one with .jar extension) on your PC and upload it on your mobile using a cable or IR connection and the software provided by your phone manufacturer. If your phone does not support uploading Java applications via cable/usb/blue tooth you can download Mobile Metro Guide directly on your mobile via WAP. For details go to download page.

      Q: Can I use Mobile Metro Guide in another country (without gsm network coverage)?
       Yes. This application does not need any kind of connectivity so it can be used anywhere anytime disregarding the signal strength or roaming availability.

      Q: I have a different question.
       Please send us your question by email to