Mobile terminals are more and more used for their computing power giving the opportunity to satisfy, with a proper software, users needs in various domains.

Mobile Metro Guide v1.1

a subway trips planner with a city attractions guide

Mobile Metro Guide for gsm logo Mobile Metro Guide is a JavaME application designed to run smoothly on a large categories of mobile phones. It provides a subway trips planner with a guide of city attractions for different cities.
Mobile Metro Guide contains a minimap of the city with two levels of zoom, an exhaustive list of metro stations grouped on lines and a list of the most important city attractions marked on map. The application includes a route planner for metro trips. Because all the data are stored in the terminal there is no need for a GPRS or GSM connection in order to use Mobile Metro Guide. It can be used anywhere anytime disregarding the signal strength or roaming availability.
A complete presentation is available here (also in pdf).

Versions for Bucharest, Budapest and Vienna are available for download. After download you need to install the application on desired terminal.

Logo screen Bucharest Main menu Bucharest Station select Buharest Attractions pf Bucharest City plan of Bucharest Zoom on - Bucharest map
Logo screen Budapest Main menu Budapest Station select for Budapest metro Attractions of Budapest City plan of Budapest Zoom on - Budapest map